The Restaurant

Cardamom Hill – named for the mountainous, spice-growing region of Kerala, India – departs from the conventional Indian restaurant by highlighting flavors and ingredients indigenous to the subcontinent’s southwestern region. The restaurant’s menu varies greatly from the more commonly found cuisine of the country’s northern and western states, and is one of the few upscale restaurants in America to pay homage to this specific region of India.

Entering Cardamom Hill is warm, inviting and provides the perfect atmosphere to enjoy Chef Gomez’s rich and colorful cuisine.

With seating for 48, the space is intimate and features a central bar area with an additional seating for 12 as well as a private dining area.

Cardamom Hill is decorated in muted colors, complemented with rich fabrics and textures from Kerala, as well as two ornate rosewood walls reminiscent of those found in ancient heritage homes owned by the area’s nobility.

The bar offers a progressive cocktail list, and the wine list has been carefully chosen to match the food’s uniqueness. Our modern atmosphere evokes Kerala in colors, textures and fabrics – a setting designed to usher you into a cuisine with familiars you’ll find both familiar and exotic.